Day 140 – 15 Miles (2348 miles from Mexico)

Another morning waking up in a bed…soon I would have countless mornings to wake up like this; I can’t help but be excited by the prospect.

I packed up my backpack, and went upstairs for some coffee and breakfast. Laurie would be taking me back to the trail, but not before stopping by the Oboz office, my shoe sponsor for the hike. Their designer/product developer, Derek, had actually worked with Tom for many years, and I had emailed with him, but this would be my first time meeting him. We found their office and had a great chat. I’ve really enjoyed working with Oboz this year, not just because they make a fantastic shoe (the best one I’ve worn on a thru-hike so far), but because they recognize thru hikers as their target market, something other shoe companies are reluctant to do. This small company is the real deal and I was stoked to visit their office.


Derek at Oboz

Then we were on the road; back in Butte I picked up one last package, a week of meals from my new sponsor Backpackers Pantry, mailed off a package to myself up the trail and one home, and before I could barely finish my fries and frosty (fast food attack), I was back on the trail and walking north.


The lovely Laurie

I walked dirt roads for the afternoon, dodging cows (at one point they started running towards me instead of away, what!?) and listening to my new audio book, an autobiography by Oliver Sacks, who had just passed away.

It was a pleasent day, a bit cooler than it had been, and with a view! The rain had washed a lot of the smoke away, and the air was deliciously clean.

Camp is back up on the divide, and dinner is devine.

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