Day 134 – 20 Miles (2242 miles from Mexico)

The night was warm and I didn’t zip up my sleeping bag until the early hours of the morning, but slept well! I figured I would do breakfast again before trying to get out of town, and I noticed a cafe that had been closed was open this morning. I went over and marveled at the cheap prices..blueberry pancakes sounded good to me, and when they arrived, holy cow! Each one was as big as a plate! Biggest pancakes I’ve seen! And then I ate almost all. I’ll have bit to pack out for lunch, but I was surprised how much I ate. Glad I have my appetite!

I walked to the south end of town and displayed my “hiker to town” sign, after about 20 minutes a pickup pulls over, and the guy in the passenger side asks if I’m hiking the CDT, which is surprising because not many people know what the CDT is, turns out he was also hitching a ride, and is a PCT hiker! Million Bucks had taken a side trip from the PCT to go to Glacier, and was on his way to burning man before getting back on trail in Oregon. He seemed to be truly going with the flow, and we had a good chat while Fred, the driver, also shared his stories of hiking the PCT back in the ’70s after he returned from Vietnam. I’ve had some really good luck with interestIng hitches on this trail.

I got dropped off close to the trail, and as I was headed up to Chief Joseph Pass here comes G walking down the road. G, Funk, and Delightful had been about a day behind me ever since I left them in Lima. I filled him on all the town delights, and heard he had seen 5 bears and the wolf tracks too.

I finally got back on trail and the walking was mostly tree-bound. There were some bike tracks on the trail, actually had been for the past few days, and I finally met the bikers, three local women who like to ride in this area. Much of the CDT is open to bikes, but I just marvel at where I see the tread sometimes.

I met another nice Fred on an ATV at Gibbons Pass, but other than that it was a quiet day on the trail.


Break time

I’m cowboy camped again tonight, it looks like there may be some chances of rain and storms this week, so this could be the last night in a while that I sleep out. I really hope storms don’t cause any more fires, apparently the CDT in Glacier is open again! Great news….lets hope it stays that way.

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