Day 133 – 0 Miles

I did not sleep well in the comfort. In the middle of the night I had finally had enough and spent a few hours on my phone until I finally tired myself out…then slept until almost 8am. No matter, I didn’t have much to do today besides eat and not walk.

I went to breakfast down the street and had a bacon omelette, then returned to my room to veg until check out time at 10:30. At that point I did laundry down the street and meandered over to the RV park/campground with leftover pizza in one hand, chocolate ice cream cone in the other. I got several approving remarks from folks on the street!

The owners of the campground couldn’t be nicer, and I set up on the green lawn back in the corner; a fire crew would be staying in all the cabins and bunk house, and they wanted me to have a quiet spot, which I appreciated.

I did my resupply and talked to my dear NEMO for a long time. I read a bit and watched some Netflix and didn’t do a whole lot.

This is what a zero day should be!

2 thoughts on “Day 133 – 0 Miles

  1. It was so so so nice to gab with you. I could do that for hours and hours more. I am certainly with you. Sending all sorts of tunnels of light and vortex type swirling cheetos.


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