Day 131 – 24 Miles (2188 miles from Mexico)

Today is my dear friend Rachel’s wedding! She is getting married to a stellar guy, Paul, and while I’m sad to miss the festivities, I’ll do my best to celebrate with them when I get home.

So I saw my first bear today! I was hiking up a rocky little hill and suddenly heard a crash and saw a baby bear tearing off into the distance. I looked around and made some noise in case mom was nearby, but didn’t hear anything else. Hard to believe this is my first bear.

After another morning of trees I entered the high country once again. The alpine meadows were taking on the golden and maroon colors of Fall, and even though the past week has been fairly warm, I can tell we aren’t far away from some colder weather. In fact with all the smoke in the sky today, the sun was barely able to break through, and I wore my longer layers the entire day.



I met a family up in the high country with a 2 & 4 year old! Wow, that is young for backcountry adventures, and they looked like they were having a ball. I also met 2 women from Butte out for the weekend as well, so good to see people enjoying their wilderness….this is a really stunning area and I would be up here all the time if I lived nearby.

Ah, my legs are aching a bit and my feet have been feeling the pounding. I’ll make over 2,200 miles tomorrow, the milage has just been flying. I’ll hit Darby on Monday morning, hope I can make it in for breakfast!


3 thoughts on “Day 131 – 24 Miles (2188 miles from Mexico)

  1. Beautiful country even with all the smoke! Love the picture of the lake, with the mountain behind it, it could be entitled “the perfect camp”.


  2. Glad for your bear encounter. Even more glad it played out safely. Anxious to hear of your trail completion but will miss the daily dose of adventure. Happy trails.


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