Day 118 – 16 Miles (1899 miles from Mexico)

I thought I was back on trail when I woke in the middle of the night. It took me a long time to realize I was inside, and in an apartment. I guess I’m really ready to hit the trail!

I stayed with Andrew and Tara again, and this morning Andrew made us pancakes (awesome!) and set me up with some cash since it would be a while before I got my new cards. I can’t thank Andrew and Tara enough for taking in a dirtbag stranger and helping me out…I totally owe them big time and only hope they come visit Bend to climb at Smith Rock so I can return the favor.

I walked to the north side of town to start hitching and soon had a ride, actually a series of four rides that included a guy that worked with my trail friends g and Sunflower at Evergreen Lodge outside Yosemite, a local climber who’s life was caught up in these mountains, a couple of girls on break from their jobs at the park, and Aaron or Ghost Dog, another long distance hiker who was working in the park who showed me a waterfall and almost had me convinced to go soaking in a hotspring…but the pull of the trail was strong after a week off and I just had to get in some miles.


In true form I even left my new Vapur water bottle in Ghost Dog’s car. I went into the melee of the Old Faithful grocery store to buy another water bottle, but then felt a tap on my shoulder; Aaron had come back to give me the water bottle! DUDE! Good people!

I walked among tourIsts along a trail peppered with geisers and hot pools, stopping to take a few photos, but wantIng to move. I dIdn’t leave Old FaIthful until after 1, and I was intent on making it to the state line, some 16 miles ahead.


For some reason I thought I would be getting to Montana, but turns out it was Idaho. The trail follows the two state lines throughout this next section, so I didn’t feel like a complete idiot when I realized my error.

As soon as I left the geiser area I had the trail all to myself. I had a short little climb that caused the sweat to flow. I was feeling my week off, but then the tread evened out and I had a pleasant afternoon cruising towards Idaho.

I took a break at Sunset Lake to filter some water and noticed a couple of tents, but no people…walking on a few miles later I met the tent owners, some geologists out doing tests in the area, they had seen a lot of thru-hikers come through, which may mean some company up ahead!


I got to the state line after 7pm and celebrated with a few photos, and then hiked just a bit farther to find a place to camp.


Sleeping in yet another state!!!!!!!!!

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