Day 102 -25 Miles (1742 miles from Mexico)

I slept well on top of the pass. Today I would go down, down, down quite a ways to the Green River & Lakes…and boy was it a beautiful walk.


The water took on an icy bluish tint thanks to all the glacial silt in the water, but the color! I’ve never seen anything like it!


And that continued to the lakes, the view is just one of the best out here, and some lucky folks can drive in and bring their boats, there’s a campground on the far end of the bigger lake, and as I skirted it I thought breifly about trying to find a soda, but then kept on walking.



There was a lot of climbing this afternoon, and the landscape changed suddenly.


This is beautiful too, it’s all so diverse out here.


More rain tonight. What’s up with all the rain?

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