Day 101 – 22 Miles (1717 miles from Mexico)

Rain during the night. So much rain always, the divide has had the wettest spring/summer ever. Ever on record. Wet feet for days.

This would be the day to hike the stunning and challenging Knapsack Col route in the Winds, but with the heavy dark clouds and wet morning, I decided against the alternate. Regular ‘ol CDT for me today.



The moody sky put me in a contemplative state, today I mainly just walked and the day happened. Oh, but the landscape was stunning. And i narrowly missed getting hit by an errant lightening strike. That will get the blood flowing!

These mountains and lakes and endless vistas remained from start to finish today, and I’m perched on the edge of a pass into a dramatic canyon, it will be a good day of walking tomorrow!


The mosquitos are swarming me right now, I’m in my bug netting, but it’s starting to feel a little closterphobic, knowing they all would attack me if given the chance.

I made camp early again, partly because of the view, partly because I need to slow down a bit. I have the opportunity to attend the summer Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City in 2 weeks, and in order to make the logistics work, don’t have to do more than 20 miles a day! I think that might be hard to do once the miles get a bit easier (tomorrow?) but we’ll see, if I have some extra time maybe I’ll check out the Tetons! I have to figure out my Yellowstone strategy soon, I’ll be there this week and there are some permitting issues to figure out.

The map shows me about 2/3 done with Wyoming, cant believe it’s going this fast!

4 thoughts on “Day 101 – 22 Miles (1717 miles from Mexico)

  1. Could you please elaborate on “And i narrowly missed getting hit by an errant lightening strike”
    Curious readers want to know 🙂


  2. Hi Renee! I don’t know if you got my email, but I’ll be at Summer OR on wed and thur, and would love to see you if it works out!!!! Excited about the possibility!


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