Day 68 -15 Miles (1038 Miles from Mexico)

It was a beautiful day. I would just hike in the morning and meet my folks at Twin Lakes around lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon with them as they were headed back to Illinois in the morning.

Everything was green, everything was alive.




The day passed quickly and soon i was walking along Twin Lakes. A reuben sandwich at the food cart was exactly what I needed when I arrived in town. I had a few care packages, thanks Dave & Barb, Missy, Mysterious Corvallis blog reader, and Boomer who sent me a new pair of poles (and a Goodife Beer from Bend!) Thanks all!!




The rest of the day was chill and we grilled steaks in honor of fathers day tomorrow. I’ll miss my folks, this was an amazing way to spend the week, a real treat.

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