Day 38 – 8 Miles (638 miles from Mexico)

Not many cars passed by my head in the middle of the night, which I was quite happy about.

I jumped on the highway and realized I had come so far that I only had about 6 miles into town. From looking at my trail data I knew there was a cafe on the south side of town. Hot breakfast!!!

I rolled into the Elkhorn Cafe just as they were opening, and had a spicy breakfast egg burrito. YUM. I then strapped on my pack and walked into town, hoping i would run into some hikers to either split a hotel room, or gather some intel on the next section. The day was sure to bring rain again and even though I had just come from a few days off, thought i might stay a few more days in Chama depending on snow levels.

I went to the library where i was able to connect with a few people online since my phone was still broken, and should be at the post office tomorrow, yes! Thanks Mom and Dad!

I found Restless was still in town (PCT 2006 friend) and that he was staying at an Air b-n-b just down the street. They had room for me and was only $20 a night!

The second story space was SWEET and even better, the young couple that own it, Ben & Jill, are outdoor adventurers themselves. Perfect.

I stopped by the post office to pick up my 7 packages including skis, ice axe, gortex pants and gaiters, and yummy goodie boxes from Nemo, Annie, my folks, and Phil and Phyllis (blog readers of mine). Thanks everyone!!!!! I would be eating REALLY well on the next stretch.

I was sharing the apartment with Natty and Restless, and we made a scrumptious dinner in the kitchen that night.

Restless and I decided to head into the mountains together in a few days when the weather was supposed to calm down, but for now, rest up, eat, pour over maps, and just be for a while.

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