Day 37 – 28 Miles (630 miles from Mexico)

I woke rested, despite slipping downhill a bit due to the slightly slanted spot I hastily selected for my camp.

I hit the road, enjoying the sunshine and the deep green grass all the rain had sprouted. Doesn’t really look like the New Mexico I had imagined!

I walked into the small hamlet of Cajillion where I saw a ranger station, and knew i would be able to find a map there. I walked up and immediately got excited for the soda machine in the lobby. I was helped by a young woman who showed me the route, a pretty straight forward walk into Chama, and helped me out with another dollar when the machine ate my $1 as I was trying to get a rootbeer. Wow, both sodas came out, so I had an extra sugar boost for the road walk.

The rest of the day was broken up by a few stops at gas stations along the way for microwaveable cheeseburgers and hot pockets.

The valleys I passed through were gorgeous…all lush and green, with snow capped mountains in the background. The same snow-capped mountains I would be in soon!

By 7pm I was exhausted, but couldn’t see anywhere I could legally camp for all the private property signs around. Finally almost delirious with fatigue, I climbed up a small hill on the side of the road and wedged myself between a tree and a fence, maybe 20′ off the highway. Oh well. I was so tired I didn’t care. I was high enough to be out of sight from passing cars, and was successfully not trespassing.


4 thoughts on “Day 37 – 28 Miles (630 miles from Mexico)

  1. Enjoying your daily blog. First time to comment but I’ve been following since day 4. Just wanted you to know folks are out here listening and pulling for you. Enjoy. Be safe.


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