I’m launched

Well, the American Trails webinar last week went really well! I had an audience from all over the world and was thrilled to learn about all the interest out there from trail organizations and conservation groups about engaging the recreation community in conservation issues.

But first! Have you filled out my hiker survey yet?

  • Have you hiked a trail and wished the planning was easier?
  • Would a different or improved resource have helped you on the trail?
  • Are you concerned about environmental issues affecting your trail experience?
  • What will the future of thru-hiking look like with accelerated climate change?

*A long-distance hiker doesn’t need to have completed a thru-hike. You are the best person to determine if you are a long-distance hiker. Some folks hike 30 miles in a day; others hike 30 miles in 3-5 days. If you spend more than 2 nights on trail, no matter your daily mileage, I’d love to hear from you.

And please enjoy the video from my presentation last week:

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