AT 2022 – Day 52: 15.3 miles (581.8 miles total)

Stratton Pond

The rain lasted all night, but I stayed dry and cozy in my tent.

The first order of the day was climbing Stratton Mountain….a special spot where the Long Trail was just a sparkle in some dude’s eye…which really led to the whole long distance trail thing in the U.S….thank you James Taylor!

The rain actually held off most of the day; from the forecast I had been expecting it all day, but was definitely willing to take less than that.

It was a green and dripping hike. I had an occasional view of a bog or pond, but it was primarily an exercise in walking the green tunnel today.

Mid-afternoon I popped out at a gravel road to find some trail magic. 2020 was a 2019 sobo (he is in the market for a new trail name… 2020 isn’t something he wants to carry around anymore). I had a cold root beer (!!) and a donut, and met another sobo. Ducky had only started a few days after me, but somehow I was just meeting him for the first time. Funny how that happens.

The afternoon was mellow and uneventful and I reached my destination (a shelter with a RARE view) fairly early. I set my tent up on a bunch of roots (which wouldn’t become truly uncomfortable until later) and chatted with some nobos that had rolled in. I guess I will be surrounded by nobos for the whole two months I am out here…a truly astonishing number of people all striving for big K.

After a lackluster dinner (a Knorr side…again) I dove into a new book, this one a post-apocalyptic tale told from the point of view of a first nation’s tribe in Canada. It makes me want to start prepping in earnest.

Rain lulls me to sleep.

2 thoughts on “AT 2022 – Day 52: 15.3 miles (581.8 miles total)

  1. I’m not sure if you are officially off the trail now or not but I really wanted to tell you that Hilary’s dad and I have so enjoyed your blog. We look forward every day to sometime right after 6:00 when it shows up and wouldn’t miss reading it. We love how you get such pleasure from the people and the trail magic and the beauty of the land. You write really well which adds to our enjoyment. Well done and thanks for taking us with you. Best of luck with your new plans and in the future.
    Jancie and Lennie Olson

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    • Thank you! I’m so glad I got to see you before I started the hike…yep the posts are backdated so I’m done with the hike and visiting my folks now. Thanks for following along, it was such a fun and demanding summer, but so glad I was out there again. Much love to you and your family!


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