AT 2022 – Day 48: 15.3 miles (527.7 miles total)

I can’t seem to get the legs moving into their usual groove. I have a steady 3mph pace, but that speed was impossible in the northern two states as you literally have to pick your way carefully through the rocks to go anywhere. It’s as if my body got used to that slower canter, and I can only reasonably, not quickly, move down the trail. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a destination or ultimate goal. Maybe I’m not trying to beat winter, or finish by Thanksgiving (those factors usually put the fire under other sobo’s toes). So I guess it doesn’t matter that I’m moving slower than normal…or maybe this is normal now?

I listen to music and podcasts all day…it’s an internal day. For NEMO’s visit I was very external, telling stories and absorbing hers….I barely talk today, and that’s ok, I need this too.

One of the podcasts that sparked some deep thoughts today was Tim Ferriss’s interview of Will MacAskill. In the face of so much change and potential for disaster, he has a very uplifting world view…and a compelling call to action.

Dare I say I am choosing hope and action in place of despair and immobilization? On day 48 I am. If you have a couple of hours give it a listen.

I take long breaks and read my spy book. The trail is mostly green tunnel today, but that fits my slow, meditative, and thoughtful walking.

Before anything notable happens, I’m at camp. Oops, something notable did happen…I passed the 500 mile mark. Well, I actually reached 500 miles yesterday, but this marked the AT miles I’ve hiked.

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