AT 2022 – Day 40: 15 miles (438.9 miles total)

We had a lot of climbing today. We still climb over the tallest mountains they can find out here.

The first climb took us to a fire tower and we got some great views and snacked on the stairs until I felt too nervous that I would drop something important.

There was minimal water today too, southern New Hampshire must be part of the drought cycle, because there ended up being a 15-mile waterless stretch this afternoon. Folks weren’t sure how to handle it, but with my desert background I just smiled and loaded up four liters of water on my back. We desert rats just grin and bear it.

We got down to a road crossing and I was dragging. I stuck a tumb out just to see, and a car pulled over immediately! We are going to town! I had her drop us off at the store in Lyme, and we both ate and got some treats to pack out. I needed a little pick me up today…the humidy was back and I am still tired. I believe I am overdue for some time off!

The same thing happened on the hitch back to the trail. As soon as I had a thumb out a pickup pulls over and we jumped in back. Yes! AT experience complete now that I’ve had a ride in the bed of a pickup! Lyme NH: 3 stars.

We had two more sizable climbs after that and before making camp. We are within striking distance of Hanover…still don’t know where we will stay, but we’ll do our best to make friends and see what happens.


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