AT 2022: Day 3 – 9.9 miles (33.3 total)

Day’s highlight: Rainbow Ledges

Day’s lowlight: walking the edge of Rainbow lake for miles before I could jump in.

Each night I sleep more out here. I imagine my muscles knitting layers of new strong as I slumber. It’s a nice dream…I look forward to the day when I jaunt up the rocks and roots instead of heavily trod and plod. 

Two rounds of coffee for me this morning. Several hikers take off, and I stretch and dawdle….with short days every task can be stretched out. There is no need to hurry or worry here. 

When I do start hiking, it’s uphill. Up up and away to Rainbow Ledges. Have I mentioned the rock is mostly granite here? Giant slabs of the stuff. In fact, I’m walking thise giant slabs as trail on Rainbow Ledges. The trail is actually just the absence of moss and flowers….I’m surrounded by green mosses, yellow and fuchsia flowers, and trees that let up enough for another view back to Katadhin. 

Alright, alright!

Break time.

I meet the 17 year old (the one mentioned yesterday) at the top and we both take off packs and shoes for the first sweat-free moment we’ve had all morning. 

It’s sunny today…but the last weather news I had was rain. I looked and looked, but it was only blue sky with wisps of cloud. No rain in sight.

It was 5.2 brutal miles to swimming after that, brutal because we were so close to the lake most of the time. I pictured diving beneath the chilled yet swimable surface of the water where all the dirt and sweat would flow away. Great lengths of time were spent envisioning the swim.

When I finally rolled up, 17 was just in front of me. We plopped down and then I had my swim. In reality, it was a quick dive into the deep, and I was out soon after. Cold! 

It was amazing. 


I had a lake day after that. I only hiked a few more miles to a small dam, and set up my shelter with a view of…wait for it….Katadhin. 

An early afternoon meant naping, podcast listening, reading, and snacking.

Alright, alright. 

3 thoughts on “AT 2022: Day 3 – 9.9 miles (33.3 total)

  1. Good going She Ra. I have tried to comment several times, but for some reason word press won’t let me in despite multiple attempts to enter new passwords. 😢

    Presently on 7 day cycling tour on Olympic Peninsula

    Charles Jones La Grande, Oregon

    nature bats last


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