More Blue Mountains Trail

Did you miss our group presentation about the Blue Mountains Trail last week? Watch it here:

The next one is coming up tonight with the Oregon Outdoor Alliance. This will be a different type of presentation, more of a panel discussion where we cover such issues like:  How do you think a long-distance trail is uniquely poised to make the connection between recreation and conservation?

I’ve had a long involvement in the Oregon Outdoor Alliance. In 2014 I joined the steering committee as the group was just getting started with some local Bend outdoor industry folks like Van Schoessler, Pam Stevenson, Gary Bracelin & Rob Little. I offered to design the first logos and website, and served on the board until a few years ago.

So join us! Should be a good time.

Next up: I’ll be giving the keynote presentation at the Greater Hells Canyon Council’s annual fundraiser: Hellraiser on May 8. This is a virtual event, and will focus on all the good work we’ve been doing to establish the Blue Mountains Trail.

Look for some great auction items you can bid on (and help us raise money to make the Blue Mountains Trail a reality)…there just might be an opportunity to bid on a hike with me on the BMT this fall…just saying!

More to come…the Blue Mountains Trail is taking off…there is lots of work to do, but lots of ways to get engaged, so sign up for the May 8 event and learn about all the ideas and plans we have in store.

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