6 thoughts on “Online Presentations in February

  1. Hello Renee,
    Always good to hear from you. I’ve got my calendar circled for the Zooms. (yes, I still use a wall calendar).
    Question: I’m looking for (of course) lighter everything. My current pack, an Osprey, is the most comfy one I’ve ever had, but weighs about five pounds. Would be nice to knock off some grams. I read your review on your Fusion. Still happy? Was that the one you had on BMT? Do you know why it is being discontinued?
    Been skiing much? A Boise cycling friend (alpha-type ski racer) loaned my a one of his many pairs of skate skis and gave me a lesson in McCall, so I’ve been trying to learn to skate. Huff, huff, huff. Lots of catching my breath and feeling wasted after a couple hours. Yikes!
    Warmest wishes,
    Charles Jones La Grande, Oregon
    When your heart speaks, take good notes


    • The pack i used for the BMT was SMD’s Swift X, I loved it, and the Fusion series was great too. Not sure why it is being discontinued, but Whitney would be the perfect person to ask about details! Whitney@sixmoondesigns.com

      I’ve been getting out for some sunrise ski sessions and absolutely love the early morning hours on the snow. Marina joins in too! Skate skiing is quite a workout…been mostly cruising on the blue diamond trails 😁 good to hear from ya!


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