BMT Day 13 – 21.3 miles (231.1 total)

It rained a lot from when I put my tent up last night to the morning, but the morning was clear and bright;  I was looking forward to a dry day.

Lots a forest roads today.

Actually, I don’t mind that the Wenaha River trail is in such terrible shape. I am now walking the ridge above the river and had a morning break at an amazing viewpoint, Big Hole. I’ve had probably 8 trucks pass me so far this morning, which is a lot of traffic, so when I look out on the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness in front of me and know there are no roads in there, and the trails are fire damaged and difficult thus limiting the number of humans that ever really go that deep into it, I’m glad. It’s a little refuge. From us. From me. And its ok…I’m still experiencing it up here…just in a different way.

This is going to be a short one folks…the terrain was scenic, the miles easy and not easy. I am set up on a highpoint with a view of something…I believe it’s where I’m going next. I’m looking into the future!

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