Making a Difference (or trying to)

I’m incredibly proud to work for the Oregon Natural Desert Association. We make a tangible difference in the health of Oregon desert ecosystems thanks to thousands of hours of volunteer work each year. I’ve been fortunate to lead trail maintenance projects across the high desert with our dedicated members, primarily on trails that have had no record of trail maintenance…ever!

See photos from some of our trail work and stewardship trips here.

By creating and improving recreation opportunities across eastern Oregon, we are working to connect people to these landscapes and help them see the importance of intact ecosystems, of the value in a diversity of wildlife, of the value of our place within these biological systems. We are not apart from nature we are a part of nature.

Now in the times of COVID, I haven’t been leading hikes or trail work trips, but I have been reliving my multi-media and storytelling past through the creation of storymaps.

This is the first of many that I’ll be working on:

Click on the image, or click here to view

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