Wear the Oregon Desert Trail

Since I’ve started working on the Oregon Desert Trail (almost 4 years ago!!!), I’ve wanted to make some shirts or hoodies for the trail. After running the shirt and swag company, hikertrash, for a few years, I knew how much time and energy went into ordering, shipping, figuring out popular colors and sizes…it was a lot of work.

From the years I ran hikertrash:

So when Ultralight Jerk created a fundraiser earlier this year to sell some of their shirts to benefit the Oregon Desert Trail and it raised over $2,000, I started paying attention! There are multiple websites out there now that will do the work of printing and shipping shirts and other things when you upload a design, and I really liked the process over at Bonfire, so I decided to finally make some ODT stuff for sale.

Each of the 4 designs has options between tshirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies, and a variety of colors to choose from.

The promotion ends in 19 days, and will ship on December 3, just in time for gift giving (even if it’s a gift to yourself).

All can be found here and sales will go to benefit the Oregon Desert Trail.

pronghornclassic odtodt multi sportget ONDA trail

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