Take the Badlands Challenge

I have recently found myself saying: “I am only limited by my imagination,” and it’s true! I have an incredible opportunity at ONDA to dream big and then make it happen. This past weekend we celebrated 10 years of a wilderness area that ONDA was pivotal in helping to designate, the Oregon Badlands Wilderness. Over the past two years I’ve led some trail work trips with volunteers to help build some new trail…new trail that helped to link together other existing trails…and that work helped to create a 50.1 mile network of trails in the Badlands (9 of which are along the Oregon Desert Trail).


Renee Patrick 20170603_161106_34995282492_o.jpg

Then I had the idea of creating a challenge to hike all 50.1 miles. Turns out there wasn’t a map with all the trails and mileages, so I made one. And now it’s live!

Badlands Challenge Map_for web_Page_1Badlands Challenge Map_for web_Page_2

The Badlands Challenge: hike all 50.1 miles in the wilderness; write a desert hike-u (haiku) and identify three new species (new to you!). Read all about it here.

2 thoughts on “Take the Badlands Challenge

  1. I love this! It’s exactly the immediate goal I needed to get me out of the doldrums as I wait for hiking season in the high country. Thank you, thank you, thank you, She-ra!

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