Quiet adventures

February was a quiet one.

Kirk and I had been planning a grand month-long adventure to celebrate our 10 years together, fortunately coenciding with our recent purchase of a truck camper from my folks. The plan: load skis, gear, food, books, games and movies for a ski trip around the Pacific Northwest.

Snow parks were our nightly destinations, and nordic trails mapped out the daily adventures in the never-ending freshies.

I thought I might do a lot of writing, blogging, or making videos with the years of go-pro adventure footage I’ve been taking on hiking, packrafting and skiing trips…I even set myself up with a sweet little mobile studio…but I didn’t do any of that.

It was a month of being. Of being in the moment.

We had adventures!

We skiied our way up Washington state…hitting spots from Lake Wenatchee to the Methow Valley. We popped into Mt. Rainer, St. Helens and Olympic National Park, and did our best to avoid getting the truck stuck in the snow. We had ocean views from our camper, soaked in hotsprings, and even hit two long-distance trails (skiing on the Pacific Northwest Trail and beach walking on the Oregon Coast Trail).

I didn’t do much thinking or any writing, but there was a fair amount of reading and playing cards.

It was lovely, peaceful and quiet.

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