By Land

I had the opportunity to take part in another podcast recently and the episode was just posted yesterday. I talked with Emory from the By Land podcast about the Oregon Desert Trail, hiking philosophy, barriers to entry and a whole lot more.

I really enjoyed the conversation and think this captured a lot of unique angles on walking long distance, especially as Emory is a newer hiker, and I’ve been doing it so long sometimes I forget everyone is not as immersed in it as I am.

We talked about:

  • Introduction to Renee and the Oregon Desert Trail
  • Renee’s background prior to being the Trail Coordinator for the ODT
  • What the Oregon Desert Trail offers and its history
  • How the ODT compares to other trails in the US
  • How Renee began backpacking and what made her start long distance backpacking
  • How Thru Hiking has impacted Renee’s backcountry trips
  • What Long Distance backpacking means to Renee
  • How the ODT manages relationships with land owners to retain access to the trail
  • Where and how to begin planning a hike of the ODT
  • Renee’s thoughts on the future of hiking
  • What Renee has learned about backpacking after all these years
  • How Renee has changed since her first long distance trail
  • The future of the Oregon Desert Trail
  • How to find and support the ODT

Here are a couple of different ways to listen :



Google Play


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