Food for the Sole

Back in November my friend Boomer brought some food samples to a presentation Anish was giving in Bend about her Oregon Desert Trail hike. The food came from a new company that was started by a fellow Search and Rescue member of his, Julie Mosier. There were so many hikers around that night that I didn’t take a sample at that time, but a few months later ordered their sample pack….and…WOW.

I made the Food for the Sole cold-soak Peanut Super Slaw before a ski Kirk and I were heading out on this winter, and it was so good I literally licked the bag. SO GOOD. Now I do struggle to eat healthy on trails…my pack certainly contains a fair amount of processed sugar and flour, so as I worked my way through these vegan and gluten free samples, I was hooked. These are super tasty, and I am sure better for my body than


cheetos! These are dehydrated meals instead of freeze dried, which allows for a certain amount of texture and flavor to carry through the re-hydrating process. And as I’ve been doing so much desert hiking, I think the cold salads will really be a game changer during the heat of the day when I often don’t feel like eating something heavy like peanut butter or cheese.

I was so interested in helping to spread the word about this new company that I’ve decided to come on as their first Brand Ambassador! I’m stoked to eat these meals on all my various adventures this year (trail work, hiking & packrafting trips, Sunshine Coast Trail Thru-hike, and anything else I might get up to this year). Did I tell you I’m planning on hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail this summer with NEMO??

If you are interested in checking out Food for the Sole I’d recommend starting with their sample pack of all 7 meals they make, and I’m pretty sure you will make another order shortly after. 🙂

Oh and use SHERAHIKES code for 20% off!

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