Day 7 – 16.6 miles – 88.9 miles total

I was the first out of camp this morning and walked into a chilly morning. I had all my warm layers on, and kept them on for hours. The sun was out though! And the day simply amazing.

I cruised a few miles until taking break and a making a hot drink to try and keep the chill away.

The next section to Mt Rose area was a mountain bike trail too. And I found myself there on a Sunday, so LOTS of bikes. Most were great and would stop for me, well trained bikers!

I finally warmed up and the miles were coming easy even though my ankle is still swollen. I took a nice long lunch and did some reading.

When I started again my left foot was really painful. Hmmm. I hoped to walk it off, but the pain only got worse. Was this related to the new shoes? Or the big miles in the sandals? Or overcompensatation for my other injured foot?

By the time I made it to the highway I was limping and in a foul mood. I crossed the road to an incredibly busy trailhead, and decided to walk about one more mile and make camp. I was going really slow, then i put my lunas on to see if that helped…nope.

I pitched my tarp and had a chill evening. I fell asleep to the yipping of coyotes and hooting of a nearby owl.

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