Almost there…

I’m about a week and a half from completing the entire ODT! If all goes well that is.


I’ve uploaded a couple hundred more photos to ONDA’s Flickr site here.

AND I’ve got my last 5 presentations of the year scheduled. Come out if you can!

Eugene, November 8, 7pm @ REI – 306 Lawrence St, Eugene
U of O, November 9, 6:30pm @ U of O Student Union Lease Crutcher Lewis Room, Eugene
Salem, November 10, 6pm @ Salem Library – Anderson B Room, 585 Liberty St SE, Salem
Corvallis, November 12, 7pm @ Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall – 2945 NW Circle Blvd, Corvallis
Bend, November 15, 5:30pm @ REI – 380 SW Powerhouse Dr, Bend, Oregon 97702


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