Day 6 – 18.6 miles  (116.5 miles total)

It was warm last night and didn’t even have my sleeping bag zipped the whole way. I didn’t have a lot of water left, so made a short cup of coffee and passed up my gronola for a bar.

I was back to walking the road, not quite sure of how many miles it would take to reach the trail again.

Fortunately the next creek was running, so I stopped to fill up. A few more water sources ahead were flowing too, and I could see cows pasturing in a meadow below. 

I finally found the trail again after about 10 miles. I was nice to be back on the Fremont NRT, and after talking with Alan started making notes of what trail work could be done next year. There weren’t too many obstacles, but the tread could use some drainages and brushing. Later in the afternoon whole sections of trail were being overcome with grasses, and I could see how satisfying it would be to come back with some loppers, a polaski and a rake. Pine needles were inches thick on the trail and with a little TLC we could have the route looking good.

I wound in and out of the forest and mid-afternoon was rewarded with an amazing view of Abert Rim where I had been just a few days ago. It was stunning. And I was joined by some curious pronghorn who watched me for quite a while.

I was feeling low on energy later in the afternoon and stopped near a meadow that just barely has a view to the east. In a few days I’ll be back in the desert with no trees, so better soak them up while I can!

4 thoughts on “Day 6 – 18.6 miles  (116.5 miles total)

  1. I was just looking at the Steens section (French Glen to Fields, as a quick trip, or to maybe Highway 95) for late June 2017. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. When are you doing the Steens section?


    • Great! I hope to make it out there yet this fall…I know there is a section I want to reroute to the Donner und blitzen river, hopefully I’ll have some of those details nailed down by the time you want to go out!


      • Wonderful. I look forward to following it. I’m curious if cowboy camping/bivying is not a great option for the Steens in June and maybe a fall trip will give me in some hints Thank you again and I love following you.


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