​Day 9 – 19 miles (117.8 total)

It’s been a full moon this week, and even though I haven’t set up my tarp once, I’ve been using my umbrella/bug condom combo so I’ve been able to sleep. It’s so bright out I would be much more tired without it.

On the river maps I’m using (Jefferson from work let me borrow his copy), there are a few notes about cultural sites, and this morning I took some time to look for the Lambert Inscription, not knowing exactly what it was, but didn’t find anything. JJ marked a bunch of spots that I’ll pass tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that.

I found some hotsprings near Lambert Rocks, but they were too hot for me. Where one spilled out into the river I was able to soak there for a few minutes with the help of some cooler river water mixed in. Then I floated by the Chalk Basin. Wow!! Stunning views! And it would keep getting better.

I lunched after Whistling Bird rapid, and then started into the Iron Point area. Towering walls of rock squeezed in on both sides of the river. It was hard to take it all in. Amazing. I think the Owyhee is my favorite river I’ve ever floated. Its that good.

After a few more rapids I made camp where the landscape opens up again. There’s also an old road bed river right that I’m going to make an alternate so hikers can get down by the water again.

I’m make much more progress on the river than I thought I would, might finish up this section a little early!

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