Day 7 -17 miles (141.2 miles)

And today is the day my body…and the trail…tells me to slow down. Sure, I’ve had a few blisters, and my legs have been burning, but that’s what I always do on a thru-hike. Oh wait, I’m not on a thru-hike. And for some reason I didn’t schedule myself any rest days; I always do that on a thru-hike. 20 mile days for 2 weeks, that’s not much, right? Well today the trail and my feet sat me down to tell me what’s what.

I only had 9 miles to make it into Fields, and I had breakfast on the brain, so of course I got there by 9:30 this morning. Then I rested until 4pm, that should be enough, right? Do another 8 miles? Well after the miles I sat down to find massive new blisters, one where it doesn’t even rub! What’s up with that?

Then, the hike out this afternoom was quite extraordinary. I walked by Borax Lake and hot springs. But not the kind you soak in. Think Yellowstone where it will melt your face off. But so beautiful in the evening light. Then I get to where the trail goes cross country towards Alvord Lake, and it appears to be water. Hmmm. Someone told me today that the area has had the most rain in ten years. It’s wet out there,  and on an alkali desert that is something I don’t want to walk through. 



So i get the message. I’ll slow down. I’m going to find someplace to hole up for a day or two and rest this body, then continue on. It is my job afterall! I can come back and do this section multiple times.

Oh,  and the highlight today? I had someone ask me if I was hiking the Oregon desert trail. ..and she just happened to be a blog reader of mine!  Jen is from Eugene and was out to do some birding, and had just read some of my posts…and just thought it might be me. I think the damp socks drying in the sun might have given me away. And she was wearing a Purple Rain skirt! Hiker, and cool chick. As she was leaving she walked over with a beer, Picky Bar, and Epic Bar. Score! First trail magic of the trip!

Whew. Time to turn in. What tomorrow brings I don’t know, but isn’t that the adventure?

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