Go’in Hiking

I’ve been immersed in working on the Oregon Desert Trail for about six months now, and it’s finally time to head out and hike! Starting next week I’ll be section hiking the trail in three chunks.


First up is a 300 mile section from Anderson Crossing at the Little West Owyhee River to Plush, which will take me over the Trout Creek and Pueblo Mountains, to the Alvord Desert and the Steens Mountain (there will be snow! Not San Juan Mountains snow, but snow!), through Frenchglen to end at the base of Hart Mountain at Plush.  I’m taking a little over 2 weeks to hike this section and will be investigating a few alternate routes along the way, and of course taking inventory of water sources…and I’ll get to spend my birthday hiking! Turning 39 shouldn’t be so bad, right?

In July I’ll be hiking/packrafting as much of the Owyhee River as I can (might be bloody hot, that’s why I want to stick to the water…still may be too hot!), and in September will hike the first 300 miles of the route from Bend back to Plush.
I’ll be writing daily and will post as much as my cell service and data will allow along the way.
Much thanks to the companies supporting me this year including Six Moon Designs, Oboz Footwear, TOAKS, Backpackers Pantry and Gerber Knives, and of course ONDA which made it all happen!! It’s my job. Still pinching myself.
Thanks for coming on the adventure!

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