Where am I?


I feel like I’ve woken up from a deep sleep and don’t know quite where I am.


Kirk and I spent almost 2 weeks in Utah, and a solid 7 days rafting the San Juan River for a level of immersion I can’t remember having in a long time.


It was 7 gluttonous days of more food than we could eat, more beer than we could drink, and more red rock cliffs than the eye could take in.


And what set this apart from my 5 month CDT adventure last year was the total disengagement. No phone, no blogging, no route finding, no food stress. I slept better and deeper last week than I can ever remember. It was a float of body and mind…the current pulling our boats and thoughts along, drifting from eddy to eddy.


When we got back to Bend I couldn’t remember which way the door lock worked; which light switch was which. Kirk said, “I forgot how the house works.” We were in so deep the past few weeks that it feels like I am seeing home with fresh eyes.


6 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. What a gift you have. You make me almost feel the experience and recall the hint of that sensation I felt when I would take a break from float fishing and take a little nap. Please keep sharing.


  2. I love that description of the depth of the effect on you both. I could only imagine. But for some reason, the way you wrote about it, I could imagine. Love you friend.


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