Friends of Burkina Faso

As I’m writing this the votes from the first “open” election in decades in the West African country of Burkina Faso are being counted. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer there from 1999-2001, and know what a huge deal this is. Until about a year ago the “dictator-president” Blaze Compaore was overthrown from his 27 year seat of power.

Tides are changing in Burkina, and was especially reminded of my time in the country when I saw the latest newsletter from the Friends of Burkina Faso.

I wrote about my CDT trip for the newsletter…and the act of sitting down to reflect on my hike helped me remember how my backpacking journey all started with those long dusty days in Burkina Faso.

2015-2-burkina-connection 9

One thought on “Friends of Burkina Faso

  1. Funny thing, I was just thinking about that – its stands to reason that your time in the Peace Corps made a major contribution to who you are. Another thing, I think you could really kick ass on Survivor (I’m a big fan and think of you every time I watch it).


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