Day 148 – 26 Miles (2501 miles from Mexico)

Since we hiked until almost 9pm last night, we decided to forgoe setting an alarm…but as luck or body rythums would have it, we were by about 6:30 anyway.


The morning was COLD the wind even colder, but all that was countered by some of the best views I have had in a long time, made all the more dramatic for the snow that still clung to the rocky peaks.



As beautiful as the misty morning over white crusted mountains was, it made the hiking slower than usual. You have to pay a bit more attention to where you are stepping, some of the steps from the others before us were now icy, and it was easy to slip in their footprints. But all in all, well worth the toil and twisted ankles.


Just before lunch we left the lofty heights for the greener valleys and the trend for the next few days will be a lot of valley walking.

We walked about 10 miles along water this afternoon, it will be great to not have to carry much water as we still have 6 days of food in our packs. Its possible if we do some big days that we can make it to Glacier in 5 days, and then we’ll be able to eat more! Mountain Spice is already regretting not bringing more snacks. I’m feeling ok about my snack quotient thanks to an awesome care package from Big John, my old Peace Corps friend Jim, and fellow artist and creative in Bend, Lisa. Thanks all! You are helping me stomach this stretch in the most delightful way.

The day ended by a stand of aspen that have almost completely changed to a deep yellow, the first pop of fall that I’ve seen so far. There have been hints here and there, but this stand of trees is ready for the change of the seasons. I love it.

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