Day 138 – 9 Miles (2333 miles from Mexico)

I couldn’t linger in my hotel room this morning, I had to go meet Tom & Laurie! The couple I met in Lander last month lived in Bozeman, and had offered to come pick me up and take me into town for the weekend, how could I say no to that! I had arranged to meet them where the highway meets interstate 90, about 9 miles away, at 10am. So, I packed up and was out and walking the dark streets of Anaconda before 7am.

I passed a McDonalds and couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of cheap food…bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit? Coffee and a strawberry/banana smoothy? Yes please.

The smokestack from the old smelter loomed over the road as I walked, giving off an “eye of Sauron” feel.

I had reception, so called my folks and Kirk on the walk; might as well multi-task!

Just about 10am I rolled up to the intersection where Laurie would pick me up. Great timing as I was only there a few minutes when she arrived. We had a great time chatting as she drove to the Butte post office where I would retrieve what ended up to be a whole slew of packages from friends and family (my second to last mail drop of the trail).


Cody presides over the goods

I was blown away by all the love! Crack bars and gummies from friends Aimee & Tomato, cookies and a chapter of her soon to be published book from Speedstick, snacks and meals and more dark chocolate cheesecake from my awesome ladies Brooke & Adryon, some healthy eats (and cheetos) from my Mom and Dad, a 5lb bag!! of gummies and more homemade Kalua from Pete and Verona, smoked salmon from Allgood (that he caught himself!!!), new shoes from Oboz, a new lifeproof case from Lifeproof, and some sweet new leather hiking sandals from Orox Leather Co. – a new company I had met at the OR Show. Yummmmmm, thanks everyone!!!! I feel very spoiled.

When Laurie and I got to Bozeman, i took a quick shower, and we all rallied (her nephew and niece in law were visiting too) for a showing of Meru, the mountaineering film featuring local Conrad Anker. Anker was there to introduce the film, and as he was friends with Tom and Laurie (old climbing buddies) I got a first hand introduction! Wow!!!!!


Tom, Conrad, and me

After the movie (amazing by the way, make sure you see it on the big screen if you get the chance) we went to dinner with another couple, Karen and John – whom I had also met in Lander – where I proceeded to eat a delectable bacon wrapped meatloaf dish…such a wonderful time with these fascinating and generous folks. This trail has truly provided me the opportunity to meet some incredible people.


Eat all the things!

By the time we were done it was hiker midnight, and I soon retired to another real bed. This is the life!

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