Day 98 -21 Miles (1667 miles from Mexico)

I intended to hike more than 21 miles again today, but this afternoon my stomach started feeling iffy, so I took an early day to lay down and hopefully rest-off whatever that feeling is. I should make it to Pinedale tomorrow with another 20ish mile day, and am leaning towards a quick resupply and then out…although some thru-hikers say Pinedale is their favorite trail town on the CDT, I can’t pass up a recommendation like that!

See the thing about Pinedale is that it requires a 10 mile (off trail) hike out to a trail head and then a 15 mile hitch. That’s 20 miles that don’t count towards Canada! However the alternative is to do a 6-8 day food carry in the Winds, when it’s nice to slow down and not rush through. So there’s my delima, and since I only carried 4 days of food of out Lander, my decision has already been made! Pinedale is next.

Today was more granite spires and peaks. This area is amazing. No words.



I left the challenging terrain behind when I rejoined the main CDT (after the Cirque of the Towers alternate that I had taken), but first had a nice talused climb up and over Texas Pass.



The steep passes turned into gentle rolling terrain with tons of lakes and even more mosquitos. Oh yes, they are out for blood.


I met another flip flopper, Matt…I had met Stabby, Kiddo, and Banjo yesterday. So fun to see hikers! Although they are going the other way…

My stomach started feeling wierd before lunch and I just didn’t feel like eating more than a plain tortilla. I slowly walked a few more miles before deciding I wanted to lay down. Hope this passes overnight.

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