Day 96 – 21 Miles (1625 miles from Mexico)

The morning was quiet as I packed up, drank my coffee, and surfed the internet. Tom, Laurie, and their friend came by at 9am for my ride, and we had a great time chatting the 30+ miles back to the trail…Great people!


The walking was pretty gentle, rising up and down small rocky buttes, crossing many streams, and the terrain still seemed like the foothills of the mountains, not quite great divide basin, not quite high alpine mountains. I could see the landscape changing though, and the mountains rose up around me and the summits became more defined as I hiked during the day.



It was quiet and serene…not much happened other than I put a dent into all the good food I’m carrying now, and listened to a few new podcasts.


Tomorrow I’ll take the Cirque of the Towers in the Winds! STOKED!


4 thoughts on “Day 96 – 21 Miles (1625 miles from Mexico)

  1. Hey, that looks like a COCC cookie from Sparrow Bakery! YUM!

    Loving your blog posts! Robert and I share them. You’re doing a GREAT job!

    Miss you! Stay happy!


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