Day 77 – 22 Miles (1210 miles from Mexico)

I stressed myself out yesterday feeling like I was trapped by the storms that could or could not strike when I was above treeline, so instead I walked some roads to meet up with the divide at Rollins Pass, I’ll have a bit of high ridge walking tomorrow before a long stretch begins in the trees, or the high elevations aren’t as exposed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all the high sections, I just wish I could take more time when I’m up there…20 miles is tough to do by noon, or 1 or even 2 in challenging terrain.

So onward.

Cool sight of the day, a big bull moose crossing the road! Just like it was nobody’s business, and I took my time passing by that spot in case he was lingering near the road…I haven’t seen it, but apparently they can be quite mean.

I had a pleasant afternoon walking up closed-down forest service roads, but actually met other people out walking or biking on the roads too, that’s a nice change.


The wild roses smelled nice

The rain and bit of thunder passed overhead and since I don’t want to sleep above treeline, am camped on a green knoll just before the trees disappear. It’s quite beautiful.

I’ll read some more of my Paul Theroux book, the 22 miles today was much less tiring than the 18 miles yesterday…not all miles are created equal.

5 thoughts on “Day 77 – 22 Miles (1210 miles from Mexico)

  1. Awesome seeing the moose…I wondered if you had been seeing much wildlife since you hadn’t mentioned much along the way. Anything but, bears and cougars, right? Stay safe…enjoying the ride 🙂


  2. Is the ridgeline hike an official part of the trail? Or are you helping suggest routes for the official trail. And thank you for being safe. 😎


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