Day 75 – 18 Miles (1170 miles from Mexico)

I woke up tired, again at 4:15am, and knew I had some challenging miles ahead of me. Climb this 14er and then make it as far as I can up the next mountains…these Colorado miles are tough!


The ridge

I set off at first light climbing up towards Argintine Pass. I first started to hate this route when the few remaining snow chutes on the climb up were frozen solid…and i had to either pick my way down or up the talus to get around it, or go through it. At one point I had my hiking pole shortened, one without a snow basket, and was futily trying to use it like an ice axe as I tried to step gingerly on the half steps that had frozen in the snow. “One step at a time, one step at a time,” was my mantra. Just keep going.


No likey

I knew the ridgewalking up ahead was sketch too, and started to freak myself out. “One step at a time, one step at a time.”

The going was fine until Edwards Mountain when i found myself on a series of knife’s edges. I slowly made my way around, NOT enjoying this section. Thanks goodness i had decent weather. I was all about to skip the summit of Gray’s Peak, the highest point on the CDT, but when i saw the hard part was over when i reached the climbers trail, i went ahead and went up.


Looking back. No thank you.

Yep, on top of a mountain!


Time to go down, down, down. I had a long road walk out to Herman Gluch and my goal was to score some trail magic from one of the hundreds of tourists out to climb the mountain too. (Easy access from Denver and I70)


Look at all the peeps

Then a car pulled over saying something about backpacking and before i knew it he was handing me 2 cold beers, tortillas and beans he had just made. YUM! Thanks Kyle!

Walking walking walking. My legs are tired. I am tired.

I attempt to take a nap along a bike path we walk for a while, but the mosquitos wont leave me alone and im too lazy to get out muy bug net.

Walking. I walk up to Herman Gulch and start climbing. Legs are tired. Finally i make camp before the trail goes above treeline again. Peacing out to the green meadows, riotous wildflowers, and cascading creek.


Sleep is soon.

3 thoughts on “Day 75 – 18 Miles (1170 miles from Mexico)

  1. “Knifes edges” is a term that non-hikers can only imagine. Is that what your photo of “Looking Back” is showing? I’ve never experienced that! Looks scary, dangerous. So glad you’re safe!


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