Day 65 -23 Miles (985 miles from Mexico)

It stormed most of the day yesterday and I was thankful that I decided to take another day off with my folks. They dropped me off at the Colorado Trail trailhead at 6am and I got an early start on this 20+ mile section.


What a day! The blue skies dried up all the hail from the night before (there was a WICKED lightening storm right over our campground last night) and I flew by the few 14ers along the trail. I had climbed Mt. Shavano when I came through on the Colorado Trail 8 years ago, and was secretly glad I had already been up there; I was immune to the enticing proximity of the summit.


The day was glistening with the recent rain and brilliant green. Everything was green, and flowers were bursting in every direction I looked. Yellow, white, red, orange, lovely.



The walking was easy and the going pretty mild as I wrapped around the eastern side of the Collegiate Mountains.

I had planned to meet up with my parents and Teresa (CDTC WIZARD!) at Mt. Princeton Hotsprings, and by 3pm I had walked into the busy parkinglot, bee-lining it to the store for a soda, icecream and chips. Ahhhhh, processed food. 🙂


We caught up under a shade tree; Teresa had another hiker, Meredith a Colorado Trail hiker, with her and I had a good time getting to know her and getting excited about more trail. I know, you think after almost 1,000 miles that I wouldn’t get excited about trail, but I do! That’s why I’m here man!

We eventually headed back to the RV which was now parked in Buna Vista. After a delicious Salmon dinner and before it was dark outside I had checked out for la la land.

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