Day 43 – 15 Miles (665 miles from Mexico)

This trail was made for touring skis! Wow, i could not have planned it better. Once Restless and I got to the trail about 9am, we boot packed in the first 3 or so miles…the trail was muddy and full of water, and there were snow patches, but we made good time until our first ridge.


Hitching back to the trail

I popped those skis on and magic!!! Most of the day traversed dramatic ridges with views you would not believe. Restless was doing well on his snowshoes, and we cruised through a few snow showers and some ominous clouds, but by late afternoon the sun came out again and made for the most stunning photos.



I got a chance to ski down quite a bit…nothing steep, but on the slight downhills on the ridges, I was able to glide for long periods, I love the skis!!


I truly don’t know how anyone will be able to get through efficiently without snowshoes or skis. It is almost all snow, and fortunately even with the danger of wet slides, we kept to safe aspects…tomorrow looks much of the same, lots of ridges although we may take a lower Ley route when we get to some exposed sections near Blue Lake.

So stoked to be out here, it was a strenuous day, we are both exhausted and it’s already 9:30pm, by far the latest i’ve been up on trail, but a great day. Tomorrow will be grand.


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