Day 30 – 6 Miles (514 miles from Mexico)

What is my motivation you ask? Hmmm, good question. On the bad days I ask myself that question more, but the answer always seems to add up to this: because it’s there, because i like it, and because it is a real adventure.

Today’s real adventure added up to feeding and resting this vehicle of mine. Pimp Limp and I limped over to the Cuban Cafe for a big breakfast and countless cups of coffee. Seriously, I think the waitress was making fun of us, but really it was less about the caffeine than the warm liquid in the memory of that rain. Shiver.

We ran into Grits and Bird Dog who had made a side trip into Albuquerque, courtesy of Nectar, an AT southbounder Grits knew. Then I took the low slow walk through town: spent a couple hours repacking my pack, checking out each store along the mile-long corridor, getting lunch and charging the electronics one more time, and despite my best effort to spend the day in Cuba, I found myself walking out of town on the road North. She has a mighty strong siren call, the North.

BUT, I pulled off the road after about 6 miles to find camp on a sunny flat on the way up to the mountains. Since it was only about 3:30, I had a whole afternoon to do nothing. Yes!

Giving the ‘ol workhorse a rest is a good idea. The next stretch looks strenuous and I’ll need all the energy I’ve got, but I also get to visit with Alan soon…a friend from Portland days a while back who lives in Santa Fe now and will be picking me up in a few days for a day off in the big city. 🙂

I’ve got my eye on the ridge that is housing some lingering snow…we’ll be up around 10,000 tomorrow and up high where it snowed just last night. Hmmm. Snow ahead eh?

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