Day 25 – 13 Miles (408 miles from Mexico)

I woke to Godzilla at 3 in the morning. When I woke in the middle of the night I thought about laying there trying to convince myself to go back to sleep, but then I remembered I was in a hotel room…with cable! Now I don”t even have a TV in real life. Sure, Kirk and I watch enough Netflix that it’s practically the same thing, but all those channels? Dude. I watched some movies…and 3am this morning it was Godzilla.

I did end up going back to sleep for an hour or two, but at 6am i was up and making coffee, planning what I had to do before hiking out, and before check-out at 11am.

Somehow I got everything done and by 12:30 was trying to decide between the brisket on fry bread, or the Navajo Taco at the local cafe. YUM. I went brisket.

Then commence the walking on pavement again…but not for as long this time. I headed north out of Grants, and got a bit nervous as I hiked past the prision…a few were out in the yard and I couldn’t hear what they were yelling because I had my headphones on and the music – loud.


Before long I was at the Mt. Taylor trail head, and on trail! Wooooooweeeee! There is more rain and storms on tap for the next few days, so my climb up up up wasn’t too hot for all the cloud cover. I topped out at a mesa, and have a wonderful few hours of walking on top of the world before climbing up to over 11,000 on Mt. Taylor.



In fact I camped with a view of the mountain. Oh yes, we will meet tomorrow.


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