Day 12 – 20 Miles (180 miles from Mexico)

My phone doesn’t have much charge left and my external battery, which is supposed to charge all my devices…is not working! Blast! Technology fails me. I’ll try and get a charge at least on the phone when I get to Doc Cambells, a little store and hot spring stop I’ll get to tomorrow. It will be about 7 days to Pie Town from there, so if all else fails I won’t get to take any photos 😦

We entered the Gila River today! The approach was long and I thought I would never get there. I finally saw some more hikers on the trail: Axel and Commando. Great guys. After I got down to the river I had lunch and Commando and I decided to pick our way along the river.

This next stretch will cross the Gila River just under 200 times…but who’s counting? There is some times trail, and sometimes you just look for the path of least resistance. I don’t know how many times we crossed today, but with wet, sandy feet, I was elated to make it as far as I did. These river miles don’t come as easily and while it was refreshing to get in the water, I think in the cold morning it will be a different story. Ok keeping it short. AMAZING place, Kirk and I will be back to packraft this baby.

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