​Day 7 – 7 miles (77.8 total)

Here’s a view of packing my boat, made all the easier with the dry bags that store gear inside the boat.

When i put on the river i soon realized i was playing hide and seek with some river otters. They would pop up their heads, if they were close to me I could almost hear them say “ahh, she’s close!”and they would dive back under.
Then I passed be where a fire had been last month. Luckily the riparian area right next to the river was still intact.

The landscape soon change and the towering cliffs flattened out. I started to see fences again, and knew I was close to civilization.
Before I was ready, there was the Rome takeout. Rome is a one stop kind of place, but it had everything I needed. I had called ahead to make sure I could send a box there, and knew the grill would be on. Time for a burger!

At the boat ramp I met a nice family from Idaho who was fishing, and when I was packing up my boat, the woman came over and offered me a beer. When in Rome!

I walked over to Rome Station, ordered my burger, and settled into my cabin for an afternoon of bad TV and air conditioning. 

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