​Day 6 – 13 river miles (70.8 miles)

I had a big morning with the widowmaker rapid, a mandatory portage, and before and after it were a bunch of other rapids, so all in all it was a full morning of scouting, running or portaging.

That’s a lot of rocks

All went well though, and I was glad that I wasn’t here when there was more water with less time to make decisions and bigger consequences. Once I got through all the rapids on the map, again there were plenty of others…in fact a lot of stout little Class III. I walked around a couple,  and on one portage just where I was going to step there was a little rattler. I’m glad he let me know he was there and I chose to go different way. Only my second rattlesnake of the trip!

Decided to walk this one. Thought I might get crunched.

Both my seat and my boat had little leaks today so when I got to camp I went about patching them, and hopefully they hold. Both were minor but the inflatable seat was quite annoying. I would blow it up and slowly start sinking, and it started happening more more frequently.

Another fine day.

It’s Kirk birthday today; I wish he could be here, he would really love it. He’s run this river, both of upper and the lower before, but never at the low flow. I’ve been able to text him a couple times daily with my delorum inreach…it sucks be away from him on his birthday but we’ll celebrate when I get home. I’ve had a couple people on this trip ask me how he handles letting  me do this alone, but really he has no choice! He’s always known this is the kind of life i like to live, and if he had it his way he’d be with me, but he in no way prevents these adventures, and always plays a big part in the trips. I feel lucky to have someone who understands,  supports, and trusts me out here by myself.

4 thoughts on “​Day 6 – 13 river miles (70.8 miles)

  1. I have enjoyed reading all of these daily entries. Can’t wait to see what comes next. It is such beautiful country out there. Oregon is such a crazy and diverse state. For the boat repairs what did you use to patch the boat?


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