​Day 2 – 7.5 miles (17 miles total)

12 hours to go 7.5 miles? I knew the going would be tough, but holy cow!

Soon after I started hiking I came to some huge boulders choking the creek. Climbing up I saw my options were to swim the deep pool on the other side, or blow up my boat! I opted for the boat, and used my throw bag to lower the boat into the water, then lowered myself down.

Bring out the boat!

Since I had already spent the time to transition to the packraft, I wanted to try and use it…so for most of the day I pool hopped down the creek. I probably could have made better time with my pack on, but there would have been significant swimming, so I was good with my choice.

The going was slow though. Each time a pool would end I would heft the boat (all my gear is stored inside the boat) onto one shoulder and often have to push my way through thick willows and thorny bushes. I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t pop my boat, and seemed to do ok.

It was exhausting. The load was extremely heavy on my shoulders and they ached terribly after a few hours. I was being very intentional with each step because I am extremely remote out here. Lots to pay attention to…but I missed something. I had my gopro out in the late afternoon, and when I took a break and decided to put the boat away and hike again, I realized it was gone. I could have sworn I put it away, but it wasn’t in my day bag. Shoot! I left my gear and hiked back a bit, but didn’t find it. I hope one of the next hikers down here finds it!!!

It was a good call to put the boat away, because soon after I started again there were HUGE boulders to climb up and around. Think Mooshic notch on the AT.

I inched along and had to go for a swim…up to my neck!

I stopped at a gravel bar for camp. I was starving, soaking wet, and Soooo tired.

8 thoughts on “​Day 2 – 7.5 miles (17 miles total)

  1. Wow, not what I expected at all – sounds like more rock climbing, brush busting and swimming than pack rafting. So glad I decided to settle for experiencing it via your posts. Don’t think this 75 year old body is up to anything like you’re going through. Thanks again for sharing and please stay safe – I’m looking forward to enjoying many more of your adventures.


  2. Bring out the boat, very cool. Bummer on loosing the GoPro, I hope you are better than me, I obsess over the things I loose, but they are only things.


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