Day 56 & 57 – 0 Miles

Birthday zero days! I knew when I had a chance of making it to Lake City in time to celebrate growing one year older, that I would take some time off, rest up, eat lots of cake and good things, and hang with Lucky. And I had the good fortune of meeting Annette and Lori who are going to throw a party tonight. I couldn’t ask for more! πŸ™‚

The first day off I did a lot of sitting around, started a Steven King book, caught up on some internet stuff, tried to find a box to ship my skis home, and as luck would have it a nice man from Texas at the outfitter offered me the boxes from his recent purchase of some new blinds for his vacation house.

Hikers rolled in and out, and even a van of hikers heading to Canada to flip.


Handy Andy, me, Bearclaw & Dirtmonger

Good times all around.

My birthday began with a trip to the bakery on bikes, and ended with a cookout at Annettes.




Lucky & me



Got to meet Lucky’s family and just had a wonderful day.

11 thoughts on “Day 56 & 57 – 0 Miles

  1. Happy Birthday dear She-ra! Hope Lucky treated you well and you gave him a hug from Nemo. Wish I was in Gunni to greet you! OH well. Next time around!


  2. Just read your yesterday account of snow and ‘letting the day decide’. Great story! Happy birthday to you and your sore feet!


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